Welcome to my "Tips & Updates" page where you will find helpful hints & tips on working with wool as well as any pattern updates that may have been made to my designs. 

 Preparing your applique pieces is all part of the process . . . .

  • Hug your pieces in real tight when tracing onto freezer paper.  This will ensure you don't waste any of your wool.  Then iron the freezer paper onto your chosen wool colours, using a dry iron.
  • Cut each of your pieces out roughly, just outside of the drawn line, about 1/8 inch.
  • Using a sharp pair of embroidery scissors, cut each shape out carefully on the drawn line.

Wool Applique Preparation

  • When you have a flower that is made up of a number of elements, it's a good idea to prepare some of the layering before you place the whole flower onto your background, although this is not a crucial step, just makes life a bit easier!  So in the case of the flower image below, you would applique the centre circle and the smaller flower onto the large flower first and then position the whole flower to the background and applique in place. 

Applique layering

Here are an extra couple of tips from me when you're working with wool:

  • Always use a sharp pair of pointed scissors to help get into those tight points. 
  •  When buying wool, it's always a good idea to ask if it's already been felted. 
  •   For best results with applique, use wool that doesn't have too much of a loose weave.
  •  Use a sandpaper board as a work surface when applying glue to the back of a shape.

        The sandpaper will 'grip' the wool and act as a stabiliser, preventing the wool from stretching.